How Can I Tell If I Have Cockroaches or Palmetto Bugs?

cockroachIf you are worried if you have cockroaches or palmetto bugs, the answer is that you have both. Palmetto bug is another name for the American cockroach. American cockroaches are different from the cockroaches that you usually see in your home. They are larger and can grow up to one and half inches in length. They tend to be a deeper reddish brown than the German cockroaches. Generally, the American cockroaches are outside roaches that will come in when the weather begins to get cooler. Another common name for American roaches is water bugs.

How Do American Cockroaches Get Inside My Home?

You may notice more American cockroaches in your home after a rainstorm. Too much water can drive them out of their hiding places and seeking higher ground. If you are noticing an invasion and it has not been raining a lot, you will need to track down how they are getting in your home. These roaches will crawl up trees and drop onto your roof and then come in through the vents in your roof. You can prevent this from happening by trimming back any tree branches that hang over your roof. You may also want to check around your door and install weather stripping to keep these roaches out of your home.

What Types of Cockroaches Cause the Most Issues?

There are actually five types of cockroaches in Virginia.  The most common types that cause infestations in your home are German cockroaches which are small and light brown. They tend to be found in your kitchen because they enjoy eating foods like sugar and meats. They will not survive cold weather or outdoors. Oriental cockroaches are another common indoor roach. They need to be near a water source and are more likely to be found around your plumbing or in sewers. They can be more difficult to kill because the pesticides will wash off them because of the amount of time that they spend in the water.

What Other Types of Roaches Are in Virginia?

Two other types of roaches are the brownbanded roaches that look different from German cockroaches because they have stripes that run across their body, while the stripes on the German cockroaches run down the length of the body. These can also be found inside of a home. The last type is the wood roach. These roaches rarely come inside and are usually found in the forest. If you find this type of roach inside the home, you do not need to worry because they do not start infestations inside a home.

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