Keeping Your Family Safe from Termites

image-.jpgTermites can impact your home, your family and your finances. It is important to understand the things that you need to do once you have termites. There are steps that you will need to take to keep your family safe from termites and the damages that they can cause.

Protecting Your Family

Termites like to stay hidden from people. They are not aggressive. They do not sting. The soldiers may bite you if you happen to disturb the colony, but the termites are not going to seek out your children or pets and attack them. The biggest danger that termites pose to your family is making your home unsafe.

Choosing Safe and Effective Treatments

It is important to understand the types of termite treatments, which include treating the soil, treating your foundation, baits and monitoring and treating the wood. When you schedule an appointment to deal with the termites, your technician can help you determine the best course of action for your situation. When performed correctly these treatments are safe for your family. In some instances, you may need to have your home tented to treat for termites, and if that is the case you will need to live somewhere else during the treatment.

Repairing Your Home

It is important to repair your home once the termites have been treated. Dampwood termites will eat through the casings around the electrical wiring, which is a fire hazard. You should not wait to make the repair. Other damage can weaken your floor joists or subfloor and make it unsafe for your family. You will need to make these repairs right away to keep your family safe. Repairing the damage will protect your family from becoming hurt if your floor became too weak. You should also check the rest of your property and things like your deck, playground equipment and fences to make sure they are still safe for your family and children. You will need to replace or repair these so that your home and property is safe.

Monitoring for Future Infestations

It is important to continue to monitor for future infestations. Monitoring stations can be placed around your property to allow technicians to easily monitor your property. These stations can be chemical free unless termite activity is found and then a treatment is inserted into the core. The continued monitoring will allow you to catch any termite activity before it becomes too serious.

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