Do I Need to Worry about Getting Bed Bugs?

pexels-photo-935777Bed bugs disappeared for several years, but they have made a strong comeback in the last twenty years. They are spreading throughout the United States. Many people have questions about bed bugs, because people in the United States have not had to deal with them for a long time. It can be difficult to deal with bed bugs. While it is still not very common to get bed bugs, it is possible.

Be Careful When Traveling

One of the most common ways to pick up bed bugs is by traveling. It does not matter if you are staying in a budget friendly hotel or in a 5-star hotel, you can still have the chance of picking up bed bugs. You should check your room before you unpack to look for signs of bed bugs. You may see signs of droppings in the bedding, on the mattress and bed springs. You should also check behind the headboard for signs of bed bugs. Be sure to keep your luggage off the bed and the floor to prevent the bed bugs from wandering in while you are sleeping.

College Students and Staying in Dorms

It is possible to bring bed bugs home from staying in the dorms or living in a college apartment. If your child has complained about bed bugs, you will need to take steps to make sure that they do not bring them home with them when they come home from school over Christmas break or over the summer. You may opt to have them leave all their clothes behind and their luggage and start fresh because dealing with deb bugs can be time consuming and costly.

Watch Out at the Gym

Bed bugs are opportunistic and will travel from one place to another by crawling into any bag or luggage. Someone with bed bugs may not realize that they are bringing them to the gym with them in their gym bag. Once at the gym, the bed bugs will crawl out and look for a new bag to crawl into. Then you will take them home with you. If you have heard of issues at your gym, you may want to change at home to avoid the issue.

Schools and Public Buildings

The issue with schools and public buildings is similar to the gym. Students may bring them to school in their backpacks and end up infesting several different backpacks. If your school has an issue, they may ban backpacks until it is cleared up. Public buildings may have a similar issue, to avoid picking them up, be sure to keep your bag off the floor.

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