Should I Pretreat My Land for Termites Before I Build on It?

pretreat home for termites while in constructionTermites can cause serious property damage in a relatively short amount of time. Many people end up with more than one termite colony in their home at a time, because the colonies will expand each spring. When you are building a home or a building for your business on property that has been home to woods, you may be looking at how you can prevent termites from eating through your new building.

What Is a Pretreatment for Termites?

Pretreatment is a treatment that is done before the building is done. The pretreatment can be done in different stages of the building. One option is to treat the soil that the concrete slab is going to be built on. You can also treat the concrete itself and any gravel or infill that is put back into the area. The pretreatment works the same way a termite treatment does and creates a barrier that will keep the termites out.

How Long Does a Termite Pretreatment Last?

A pretreatment will last for up to five years, but the length of the effectiveness depends on how damp your soil is—the wetter it is the shorter the period that it is effective, which means if you have an exceptionally wet year or two, it may shorten how long the pretreatment will be effective. It also depends on the different treatments were applied.

How Can I Request a Termite Pretreatment?

Your exterminator can work with your builder to determine the correct time to complete the treatments. The treatments may also depend on the condition of the property before you began building. With proper scheduling, the pretreatments will not need to cut into your timeline of the build.

What Else Can I Do to Prevent Termites?

There are a few more things that you can do as a property is being built to prevent termites in the future. The first is to remove all existing wood from the area where you are building, this includes removing the stumps may be underground. This removes potential food sources that may attract termites to your property. Any wood that touches the ground needs to be treated for termites. This is especially important for wood for your deck since that is attached to your home. Finally encapsulating your crawlspace when your home is built can add an extra layer of protection against termites. This can also save you on your cooling and heating bills.


Can My Child Bring Bed Bugs Home from School?

child-backpackBed bugs are one of the growing nightmares that many U.S. residents. Even though they were once nearly eradicated in the United States they have made a huge comeback in the United States in the last twenty years. Most people associate bed bugs with travel, but that is only one of the places you can pick up bed bugs.

Schools have actually become one of the places where you can pick up bed bugs. Children who have a bed bug infestation at home will inadvertently bring the bed bugs to school inside of their backpacks. Once the bed bugs get to school, they will spread out throughout the school. They can also move from one backpack to another. If they ride home in another child’s backpack, they will begin an infestation at that home.  Bed bug eggs can hatch in just six days and begin feeding right away.

How Can I Stop Bed Bugs from Coming Home with My Child?

This is a difficult situation because it is not overly common. However, once it starts at a school it can quickly become a problem. Schools have banned backpacks at school while they are trying to deal with an infestation and to stop it from spreading. If you hear someone mention bed bugs in the carpool line or at a school event, you may want to consider not using a backpack.

What Should I Do If My Child’s School Reports an Issues with Bed Bugs?

The first thing is to not to panic. If the school has an issue with bed bugs there will be a plan in place to identify the source of the issue and to stop the spread. Be sure to follow any instructions that the school gives. You will likely want to stop sending a backpack to school. Bed bug infestations need to be severe to have your child bring bed bugs home in their clothes, but you can check them when they come home. Drying the clothing on high heat will kill any bugs that may be in them.

Do I Need to Worry About Bed Bugs for My Child at Boarding School or in the Dorm?

This is actually a growing problem in dorms. The schools should have a protocol in place, but you need to be careful when your children come home for breaks or for the summer. Check their suitcases and consider treating them and all their clothing, either by freezing them for several days or running everything through on high heat.

3 Common Termites in the United States

termitesThere are three basic types of termites in the United States. Termites can destroy a home as they eat their way through the wood inside of it. The type of termites you need to worry about may be based on the area of the country that you live. Here are the three basic types found in the United States.

Subterranean Termite

The Eastern subterranean termites are termites that are found primarily underground in the Eastern part of the United States, According to “Eastern Subterranean Termites,” these termites will make their nests outside underground. They will tunnel from their nests to the food source or into your house. When crawling up your foundation to the wood in your home, they will create mud tubes to protect themselves. They will only eat spring wood or along the grain. As the food runs out the entire colony may move onto another area and build a new nest. Other types of subterranean termites can be found throughout the United States.

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites are commonly found along the Pacific coast, but they are also found throughout the United States. They can also cause problems in the southwest deserts and in Florida. The dampwood termites tend to make their homes in damp and decaying wood that can be found on the ground. They tend to eat across the grain and the wood looks neat and clean after they have eaten it. They need damp wood to thrive and so addressing leaks and plumbing issues can help you avoid issues with this type of termite.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites do not live in the soil. They will make their nests directly in the wood. They do not need damp wood to make their homes. Drywood nests are often found in the attics of homes. The main way people identify them is by noticing the fecal pellets which are about a 1 millimeter in length and hexagonal in shape. These termites can be found throughout the United States. Since these termites live in dry wood, it can be more difficult to find an infestation, unless you are regularly check your attic and other areas where they may make their home.

The best way to protect yourself from termites is to schedule annual inspections. An exterminator can quickly identify the different signs of termites and especially for the ones that are common where you are living.  Termites are a very common issue for most homeowners, but if you treat for them and repair any damages that they cause, your home value should stay the same.

Five Facts About Fire Ants

Fire ants are well-known in the southern United States for their fierce burning sting and the nests that they build. Anyone that was experience the sting of a fire ant does not want to experience it again. These small red ants are notorious for causing severe pain. Here are five interesting facts about fire ants.

1. Fire Ants Are Not Native to North America

Fire ants are not native to North America. They were brought to the area by boat from South America. The first state with reported issues was Alabama in the 1930s. They have proved quite invasive as they have spread throughout the southern United States. They have been identified in 18 states including as far north as Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

2. Fire Ants Like Electrical Equipment

Fire ants are the leading cause of electrical equipment. They are known to crawl into air conditioners, and other electrical items like traffic lights. When shocked by a wire, they will sting the wire and emit a chemical that will attract other ants and eventually it shorts out the equipment they have invaded. According to Wikipedia, fire ants are the leading cause of stop lights shorting out in Texas each year.

3. Fire Ants Nests Spread Out

Fire ant mounds are typically about 18 inches high and may be as big as 30 inches wide. However, the mound itself is not a good indication of how big the colony really is. The ants will enter through tunnels that can be up to 25 feet away from the nest itself. The colonies can have as many as 250,000 ants in each one.

4. Fire Ants Can Hunt and Kill Small Animals

Fire ants are omnivores which means they will eat both plants and animals. They have been known to work together to kill small animals as a source of food for their colony. When they sting they will emit a chemical that attracts other ants from the colony who will also sting. This can overwhelm a small animal.

5. Fire Ants Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Although most people just receive an itchy sting or bite, some people are allergic to red ant bites. The symptoms are similar to those of people who allergic to bee stings. If you are dizzy, having trouble breathing or your tongue is swelling, you should seek immediate medical attention.

If you have fire ants you should treat them immediately. However, since they have such large nests and tunneling systems, it can be difficult to kill off the entire colony with products from the store. It is best to contact a professional to help you treat the fire ants that you have on your property. Learn more about fire ant extermination services from EcoTek Termite and Pest Control

EcoTek Termite and Pest Control of Durham, North Carolina

Should you be handling bed bugs in Durham NC, you ought not equate this with sanitation or filthiness difficulties. To begin with, you may rather not act impulsively and kill bed bugs immediately. Bed bugs are extremely common wherever you travel as any pest control company will tell you. They are not dirty critters. They are becoming a real problem all over again. They are becoming a global problem. Perhaps you will wish to buy a bed bug deterring bag.

EcoTek Exterminators Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Should you really want to do away with bed bugs, you must take an inventory of your home and generate a zoning system. It is possible to eradicate bed bugs in 1 treatment thanks to our eco-friendly pest control products! You’re able to eradicate bed bugs in 1 treatment. You can’t cure bed bugs with any 1 solution.

If you may find this done, it is going to be simpler for you to eliminate bed bugs. Lots of people employ many means to do away with the bed bugs. In case you are serious, and really need to eliminate bed bugs, you must attack the problem due to the fact that many ways as possible. The bed bugs will nonetheless infest your mattress and crawl around to secure you. Bed bugs are among the most relentless insects on the planet. They love to hide and lay eggs in these kinds of materials.

EcoTek Exterminators and Pest Control Experts

A pest management professional will have the ability to inform you for sure when you have an infestation and supply you with a plan on how best to repair your problem. There is a variety of experts too, who apply the optimal/optimally pest control methods to eliminate the insect from the neighborhood of your homes and surrounding areas. Your pest control specialist will counsel you on what should be done in order to treat your house and prevent an upcoming bed bug infestation.

As mentioned, zero chemicals are employed within this process so that your property, furniture, and living space won’t be adversely affected by something which could damage your well being. It usually means that we’re absorbing, inhaling and ingesting these chemicals before being aware of it. Here at EcoTek Termite and Pest Control, we believe that pesticides aren’t meant for indoor use. Another method you may do is to spray organic pesticide or insecticide within your home or in a place where there’s an infestation. Aside from the dust, it is also possible to utilize contact insecticides.

EcoTek Gets Rid of Termites

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In the following column you will learn of some organic remedies for bed bugs that will help you handle the infestation with safety. It’s the perfect treatment for severe infestation.

You will nonetheless have plenty of mosquitoes and you’ll need to take specific precautions against exactly these insects. The insect can’t withstand extreme temperatures. There are a number of different insects, pests that can be found in your home.

In case the infestation gets out of control, then the very best option which you have is to get in touch with an expert exterminator in Durham. In the long term, a full blown infestation might need an expert exterminator. Because the pests continue to come up with resistance to pesticides a wide selection of treatments have to be used as a treatment for an infestation. The pests just cannot survive the extreme heat and this way is safe, dependable and convenient. These pests find it impossible to survive the 130 degree maintained heat this approach provides.

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Not all pest removal businesses offer you canine services, so make sure to ask about this method prior to choosing a company to manage a problem. A specialist pest control business will use many distinct approaches and methods to deal with your bed bug issue.

The demand for pest control is a typical problem, particularly if you are now living in a hot, moist climate. Usually the ideal solution is to discover an expert aid in a kind of pest control company. Still, once the demand for pest removal arises, there are a number of things you should know so as to make your efforts more effective. Possessing some non-toxic control products out there for fast action may prevent you from several nights of misery. After acknowledging the little know-whats, it’ll be time to finally initiate the mission–killing bed bugs. It’s far better inspect any likelihood of these bugs. Wherever you go, there’s a chance you’ll be exposed to bed bugs.

The issue with some of the pest control treatments is they are simply not powerful. It’s the reason why they’ve come to be an issue. Naturally, the major issue with bedbugs is that you can’t find these creatures. These bugs live an extremely sheltered lifestyle.

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